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Location : ?
Region : Dublin
Country : Ireland
Type : Cream liqueur
Distillery :  Sheridan's
T. Sheridan & Sons (Tomas Sheridan)
Nangor Rd.
Dublin 12
Visitors : The plant is NOT open to visitors.
Founded : ?
Owner : A sub. under Diageo
PLC 8 Henrietta Place London W1M 9AG
Producer  :  Gilbey's Group
(Also the producer of Bailey's)
Water : ?
Remark :

Sheridan's :

SHERIDAN: Visually stunning, it is owned by Gilbey's, the same group that produces Baileys. With its white liqueur having a white chocolate richness, and the black of warm coffee and whiskey, the whole rounded off by a chocolatey, nutty finish, Sheridan has been likened to a liquid tiramisu!

Further Sheridan's Coffee Creme liqueur comments under construction.

From Collins pocket reference book : Whisky
Sheridans : Visually stunning both on the self and in the glass, this award-winning cream liqueur is on of the most imaginative drinks ver produced. Not surprisingly, it is also the foremost impulse buy in the drinks market as a whole.
Thomas Sheridan & Sons is owned by the Gilbey's group which also produces, among others, Baileys, the world's top selling liqueur. Like its stablemate, it is produced at the company's plant in dublin, but unlike Baileys, Sheridan's was an instant success when it was launched on the cream liqueur market in early 1994.
Sheridan's apparent gimmickry should not blind purchasers to the fact that this is a seriously good liqueur.
Collins Sheridan Comments : Its white liqueur has a soothing, white-chocolate richness, the black warming coffee and whiskey flavours and a rounded, chocolatey-nutty finish.
The whole is smooth and elegant, akin to a deliciously whiskied liquid tiramisú.
Collins taste rating : 2

Sheridan's Bottlings

Sheridan's bottling
Sorry no Sheridan's picture.
Age : ? years old.
Vol : 17% (vanilla cream) and 19,5% (Coffee chocolate liqueur)
Type : Vanilla and Coffee chocolate cream liqueur.
Taste : ?
Remark : Sheridan's is a liqueur alike Baileys and sweet in the same area, but it differs in colour - the bottle is split up in black and white area (vertical), and if you pour carefully it will do the same in the glass. (horisontal.)
If you wish a sweet dram go for the white vanilla cream. official Sheridan's or related web pages.
URL : None at present time.

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