Edradour 10 years old

Edradour, the smallest still in Scotland ?
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Edradour 10 years old

One more Edradour label !!! Edradour 10 years old scotch whisky bottle and pipe Edradour 10 years old Edradour 10 years old the bottle Edradour 10 years old the label


Age :  10 Years Old
Vol. :  40%
Price (in Danish kr. 70 cl. 350,- dkr.)
Tested :  Yes, currently being tested. (If Yes, comments below.)
Remark :

Results soon to come.. (Hmmm GI like's this one)

Glenforres-Glenlivet distillery ltd.

Total Score : 7



Personal taste: CP GI HT FS FR Average. Remark...
Package/Info   08         Pipe incl's a poster - look below.
Bottle   06         Standard Whisky bottle.
Label   06         Hmm....
Prop ? Metal/Kork/ Wood.    07         Cork and wood with name i top.
Color   06          
Smell   06         Behagelig men ikke special.
Taste   07         Behagelig men ikke meget special. Lidt malt. Rar.
Aftertaste   08         Middle "hang" time.. with a bit Maltyness.
Price/Quality   08         A great all-round whisky.

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