Benromach Peat Smoke


Benromach Peat Smoke


  • Tasting notes for Benromach Peat Smoke - Batch 2

    Distilled: 2002

    Bottled: 2008

    ABV: 46%

    Cask: 1st Fill Bourbon Barrels

    Colour: Dark straw

    Body: Medium

    Finish: Long

    Phenol Level: 35ppm


    At Benromach Distillery we source batches of heavily peated barley that varies from year to year. Bringing out different batches of Benromach Peat Smoke allows the discerning whisky drinker assess how differing peating levels complement the unique Benromach distillery character. Benromach Peat Smoke has a seriously smoky character. It is complex, intense and challenging - yet balanced with the fruity elegance of Speyside.

    Without water

    Nose: A sweet smokiness comes to the fore. A pleasant cigar like note is present. Fresh with hints of green apples - Granny Smith.

    Palate: Subtle phenolic flavour with a heavy sweet peat smoke influence.

    With water

    Nose: A sweetness is evident, a more delicate peat smoke is present. With fragrant and floral notes - reminiscent of freshly cut grass.

    Palate: Hint of smoke with woody elements. Heavy sweet influences - treacle toffee notes and very creamy.


    Awards: Anderson's Packaging (Aberdeen) Ltd Award - Grampian Food Forum Awards 2007

    Quotes: "...cranking up the peating level has resulted in probably the finest heavily-peated mainland malt around." - Whisky Writer, Gavin D. Smith

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