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Gold Seal
Ballantine's Gold Seal - newer box Ballantine's Gold Seal - newer bottle with new label Ballantine's Gold Seal - logo on the box Ballantine's Gold Seal 12 years old.
  Ballantine's Gold Seal - Ballantines 12 years old Ballantine's Gold Seal - Top of the Whisky box
Age : 12 years old.
Vol : 43%
Type : Blended deluxe whisky
Price ?
Remark : Special reserve Scotch Whisky.
Needs ice.

From the label :
In celebration of the founding of George Ballantine & Son, Ltd, George Ballantine created his own gold seal which symbolised the quality and exacting standards that the Company was to become famous for.
Over a century later, the Ballantine's Master blender has specially selected over forty of Scotland's greatest malts, matured for 12 years or longer, to produce a unique and gratifying blend worthy of the name Gold Seal.

Allied Walker Distributors Ltd says :
This blend offers a smoother, rounder and more mature taste with a lasting depth of flavour. It is equivalent to drinking a first growth wine and the label signifies that it comprises only the best whiskies which have each matured in oak casks for at least 12 years.

AWA : A very common and ok whisky if the selection is small. This could be a good whisky for "beginners"
We have been told that this bottling is for export markets only (From a reader in Scotland - Glasgow) Perhaps try the airport.

From the website :
Gold Seal, the smooth and complex 12 year old whisky. A blend of over 40 specially selected single malt and grain whiskies, matured for at least 12 years. The world's number four 12 years old deluxe whisky, the brand has become the international gold standard in premium scotch whisky.  


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