Mackmyra Special 03


Macmkyra Special:03

Mackmyra Special 03
Small Casks - Big Flavour     70CL    48,20    535.00    

Mackmyra Special:03 – Small casks, big flavour

Sometimes experiments in one area can lead to discoveries in another one. We developed our recipe on a small scale, so we had small oak casks specially made. A size that turned out to give the whisky a more intense ageing and flavour.

From all four of our warehouses we have taken the best thirty-litre casks of our two recipes and three different kinds of cask. Casks of ex-bourbon, ex-sherry and new Swedish oak have come together in this tribute to the small cask with the big flavour.

Special:03 – Small Casks, Big Flavour is a spicy, full-bodied, fruity whisky with hints of both dried and fresh fruit, soft caramel and a slightly smoky tarry wood. A Swedish malt whisky that challenges traditions.

Limited edition
We are constantly striving to evolve. That is why there is a wide range of flavours in our warehouses. The very best of them have been combined to make Mackmyra Special, a limited edition series for special moments.

This is a drink for special occasions and special people. A drink for you who has discovered the Swedish malt whisky and wants to experience further subleties. Here is what you have been looking for.

We like to do things our own way. This is one of them.



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