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Location : ?
Region : ?
Country : Scotland
Type : Blend
Distillery :  Glenforres-Glenlivet Distillery Co. Ltd.  (Pernod Richard)
Edradour Distillery, Pitlochry, Perthshire PH16 5JP, Scotland.
Phone : 01786-473524
Fax : 01786-472002
Manager : John Reid
Founded : ?
Owner : ?
Producer :  ?
Water : ?
Remark : From the book : Scotch Whisky it's past and present : by David Daiches : (fra 1995)
The attractive little distillery Edradour near Pitlochry is owned by the firm of William Whitley & Co. of Leith (A nineteenth-century firm which has since 1922 been a subsidiary of Glenforres Distillery Company, a large and active company which produces a great variety of blends, including 'House of Lords' and 'King's Ransom')

From Michael Jacksons book : The world guide to Whisky : (1996)
Lord Boothby was supported from the Labour benches by Lord Shinwell. Having failed in an attempt to make whisky available under the National Health Service, Shinwell sugested that mebers of the House of Lords should be allowed to claim it as an expense "since there is general consumption of this liquid by noble Lords, and since many of them cannot do without it because it is in the nature of a medicine".
Aberlour is one of two in Scotland (the other being the tiny Edradour) that are controlled by Pernod Richard the French-based, international driks company. The group has a considerable range of blends : full-bodied and sweet under the White Heather label, the full bodied and drier King's Ransom; light-bodied and sweet Hourse of Lords; light -bodied and drier Clan Campbell; and several others.
The Edradour can be enjoyed as the defining whisky in a 12 years old vatted malt called Glenforres. It is also an important component of two blends, the eight year old House of Lords and the 12 years old King's Randsom.
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Glenforres Distillery Company