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Location : Alness, Ross-shire, Highland Region.
Country : Scotch
Type :  Single Highland Northern Malt.
Distillery :  DCL
Producer : United Distillers.
Founded : in 1817 by Captain Hugo Munro.
Extended in 1899, In 1970 a new stillhouse was constructed.
Closed in the mid 1980's but reopned in 1991.
Age :  10 and 17 Years Old
Vol :  43%
Water : Averon river. / Dairywell Spring.
Remark : Also a Connoisseurs Choise from 1982 / 40%vol. 
There is six stills visible from the road.

Source www.bbr.com :

Teaninich Distillery, Highlands

Teaninich (pronounced “Te-an-in-ick”) is located north of Inverness, in the village of Alness. This lesser known neighbour of the more famous Dalmore and Glenmorangie distilleries started its life as an illicit distillery in 1817, run by captain Hugh Munro and ever since it has been in production almost continuously – it only stopped for WWII and a short period during in the 1980s.

The Teaninich distillery changed hands in 1904 when Robert Innes Cameron became its new proprietor. He also owned substantial interests in several Highland distilleries, including Benrinnes, Linkwood and Tamdhu, and later became chairman of the Malt Distillers Association. In 1934 it was acquired by the D.C.L. (Distillers Company Ltd.). Teaninich whisky has known such a demand that the distillery expanded in 1962 and in 1974.

Teaninich malt is highly regarded by blenders and it remains a key component of Johnnie Walker. It is also one of the ingredients of the Drambuie liqueur. The single malt style is soft, smoky with floral nuances.

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