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Location : Fort William, Inverness-shire
Region : Highland
Country : Scotland
Type : Malt
Distillery :  Glenlochy Distillery
Fort William, Inverness-shire, Scotland.
Founded : 1898
Owner : United Distillers
Producer :  Prep.: D & J McCallum Ltd.
Water : River Nevis
Remark : The distillery was closed in 1983 and will not reopen.

From Collins Pocket Reference 'Whisky':
Glenlochy Distillery was built close to Loch Lochy at the southern end of the Caledonian Canal in a pretty setting on the outskirts of Fort Williams. It was built in 1900 with production beginning the following year. The single malt is now something of a rarity, as almost all of the distillery's produce went into blends. The situation will not improve, as Glelochy was closed by its parrent company, United Distillers, in the 1980s, and sold outside the industry in 1991.

Source www.bbr.com :

Glenlochy Distillery, Highlands

Founded in 1898 by David McAndies, The Glenlochy Distillery commenced production in 1901, and it had been part of Diageo from 1953 until its transfer to Scotish Malt Distilleries Co.

Production ceased in 1983, when the distillery was definitely mothballed, just like so many others in that decade. The premises have been acquired by a local hotel group, West Coast Inns Ltd, that developed the site commercially, only retaining the kiln and the pagoda roof, which are declared historic buildings.

The house style is fruity, verging towards sweet, exotic fruitiness and coconut, vanilla and honey characters. The peat is delicate, and soft.

Barring a few independent bottlings (such as Gordon & MacPhail's) and an edition in Diageo's Rare Malts series, distillery bottlings are extremely rare and hard to find.

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