The sign outside the Parkmore distillery




Location : Scotland - Highland
Region : Highland
Country : Scotland
Type : ?
Distillery :  Parkmore Distillery
Founded : 1929
Owner : Highland Distillers
Producer  :  ?
Water : ?
Remark :

Parkmore :

AWA information : 
Parkmore is NOT open for visitors.
Parkmore water was taken from the right side of the road in the beginning but the water resource was to bad (Glendullan) 
The distillery moved and water source was taken from the left side instead.
The Parkmore closed sometimes in the 1980's 
1929 Closed
1931 Duty closed 
They used floor.malting until 1967-68
Joseph Copernige started here
The distillery is not used anymore Mothballed (Highland Distillers) - and spirit/wash stills etc. are taken out leaving the buildings empty.
Warehouse are though in use and are being used by Highland Distillers / United Distillers & Vintners.


Parkmore Pictures taken by AWA - Dufftown 2000 Whisky Festival.


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Parkmore Distillery the sign Parkmore distillery - the buildings Parkmore warehouse
A W A Photo strip A W A Photo strip A W A Photo strip

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