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see Brora for more information regarding Clynelish



Location : Brora, Sutherland. Northern Highland Region.
Country : Scotland
Type :  Malt - Highland Northern.
Distillery :  DCL (The Clynelish Distillery Co.) 
Brora, Sutherland KW9 6LR
Phone 01408-623000
Fax 01408-623004
Manager : Bob Robertson

Producer United Distillers.
Visitor centre : Mar to October , Monday to friday 09.30-16.00 (4pm.) / November to Feb. by appointment only
Phone : 01408-623014
Fax : 01408-623016
(Visitors per year : 12.000)
Owner :  United Distillers.
Founded : in 1819 by Duke of Sutherland. (AKA : Brora Distillery) 
in 1967 (Across the road) is Clynelish the present still.

Source www.bbr.com :

Clynelish Distillery, Highlands

Founded in 1967, the name and the history of Clynelish (the first syllabe rhymes with "wine" and the second with "leash") are closely associated to the adjucent distillery, Brora. It was built to augment the capaicity of the neighbouring, century-old Brora distillery, but eventually, demand proved insufficient to sustain both in production. Brora was eventually mothballed in 1983.

Clynelish is settled in a rural setting with a still house with great windows overlooking to the fishing and golfing resort of Brora. Its buildings are the exact replica of the Islay distillery, Caol Ila.

Clynelish is a classic case of a coastal malt having a slightly "island" character (it uses a medium peating), noted for its oily, beeswax flavour profile.

Just 1% of the production is marketed as single malt, the remaining part being used in Johnnie Walker Gold Label blend.




Age :  12 Years Old
Vol :  40%
Water : Clynemilton burn
Remark : In 1925 DCL build a new still near by Clynelish.
The malt is usualy maturing in ex-bourbon casks.
The new distillery Clynelish (Kline-leesh) have 3 wash stills and 3 spirit stills.
They have recieved the Gold Award for safety (ROSPA).
Price (in Danish kr. 70cl. : ?,- )
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