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Location : Scotland, Glasgow Road, Wishaw, Lanarkshire
On the south east side of Glasgow Road, Wishare where the local Glasgow lanark railway crosses the road.
Region : Highland
Country : Scotland
Type : Malt
Distillery :  Clydesdale Distillery
(Distillery demolished)
Glasgow Road
Wishaw Lanarkshire
Founded : Est. 1825
Owner : Clydesdale Scotch Whisky Co. Ltd. 8 Dorset Square,
London NW 1
Producer :  ?
Water : A burn rising in the Cambusnethan peat moss.
Remark : Clydesdale Distillery was said to have been built by Lord Belhaven and his first tenant was Patrick Chalmers.
Lord Belhaven pulled out in 1848. Clydesdale Distillery Co. Ltd was founded in 1894 and this was one fo the founding members of Scottish Malt Distillers Ltd. in 1914.
Production ceased in 1919 although the premises were used by DCL as bonded warehouses until 1988 when the buildings were demolished.
Located on the south east side of Glasgow Road, Wishaw, where the local Glasgow - Lanark railway crosses the road.
Water source used to be a burn rising in the Cambusnethan peat moss.


Whisky bottling
Sorry no picture.  
Age : ? years old.
Vol : .45%
Type : ?
Price ?
Taste : ?
Remark : None at present time - We haven't been so lucky.

One of two bottles taken from the distillery in 1917 and kept by the Campbell family of Wishaw for use at funerals.
This sample was also tasted by one of Scotland's master blenders who was of the opinion that it had been aged in a liqueur cask, a c ommon

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