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Brora / Clynelish



Location : Scotland, Brora, Sutherland, Just of the A9 at Brora.
Region : Northern Highland
Country : Scotland
Type : Scotch
Distillery :  Brora
Founded : in 1819 at that time called Clynelish distillery. It was built by Marquis of Staford, son of the Duke of Sutherland.
Owner : D.C.L. (Destillers Compagny Ltd.)
Producer : United Distillers
Water : The Clynemilton Burn.
Remark :

Rebuilt in 1890s by a firm of brewers and closed in the early 1980s.
The distillery had in earlier times been called Clynelish, but that name is now used for its new neighbour built just across the road in 1967.

From Mr. Buxrud's fine whisky pages:
Brora 1 is the same distillery as Clynelish 1. Brora 1/Clynelish 1 is pre 1969 and Brora 2 is post 1969. Clynelish 2 was build, 1968. Brora 1/Clynelish 1, build 1819, was rebuild and renamed Brora 2 in 1969 eg. a 'new' distillery due to the extensive rebuilding.

From Whiskyweb.com:
Brora was known as Clynelish until 1969. Established by the Duke of Sutherland, who had cleared his tenant-farmers off the land to make way for sheep. Having moved some of the inland farmers to the coastal strip, the distillery was established to create a market for the farmers' grain. Owned by SMD since 1930. Two stills.
After the modern distillery had been built in 1967-68, the old "Clynelish" re-opened in April, 1969, housed in the former mash-house, which had been rebuilt. It subsequently ceased distillation in May, 1983 . The old buildings are now used as warehouses and the visitor centre for the "new" Clynelish.

Source www.bbr.com :

Brora Distillery, Highlands

Brora distillery closed in 1983 and ceded its original name – Clynelish – to the new distillery built just across the road from it. Clynelish lies just to the north of the small Highland resort of Brora, some 70 miles north of Inverness. Back in the 16th century Brora was a prosperous town under the control of the fearsome Earls of Sutherland.

The original distillery was founded in 1819 by the Marquis of Stafford who had married into the Sutherland family. His aim was at least partly to take control of local whisky-supply away from the smugglers. The Marquis was an astute businessman and notorious for the cruel methods he used against people living in the surrounding villages to fend the off his land, just to leave the fields to sheep that were in his view more "profitable".

The distillery changed hands a few times it become part of the John Walker group in 1925, that eventually closed the Clynelish distillery. The distillery reopened in 1938 for a brief spell (3 years). World War II forced Clynelish just as most of the other distilleries to temporary closure due to a lack of barley. In 1967 a new distillery has been build near the first one, under the name or Clynelish 2. The old distillery closed in 1969 and reopened in 1975 under the name Brora before closing for good in 1983.

Brora produced the most peaty malt of the Highlands. Its nickname was "The Lagavulin of the North". It is still possible to find Brora malt. The spirit from very highly peated barley was a prime material to produce an Islay type of whisky for blending; As there was no in-house bottling of Brora as a single malt, casks were acquired by independent bottlers such as Berry Bros.

The independent bottlings demonstrate quite splendidly the earthy, spicy and peaty Islay-styled malts, and the elegant, creamy texture of Northern Highland malts. Last distillations took place in 1983 so, theoretically, some stocks will be around for some time yet.




1972 Connoisseurs Choise
Sorry no picture.  
Age : Vintage 1972
Vol : 40%
Bottled by : Gordon & McPhail Gordon & McPhail


Brora 1975
Rare Malt Selection
Brora 1975 Rare Malt Selection  
Age : 20 Years old - Vintage 1975
Vol : 54,9%
Price 222,00 at The Whisky StoreThe Whisky Store (Germany)
Also Brora Connoisseurs Choise 1982 40% 92,50 DM and
Brora Connoisseurs Choise, new Label 1972 40% vol 145,00 DM.


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Brora / Clynelish