Location : Scotland
Region : ?
Country : Scotland
Type : De luxe bland
Distillery :  J & W HARDIE Ltd
Founded : Established 1857
Owner : United Distillers
Producer :  Sanderson under contract by UDV
Water : ?
Remark : From Collins Pocket Reference : Whisky
Now owned by United Distillers, Sanderson is the producer of The Antiquary. The company was one of the blenders who began trading in the early to mid nineteenth century, who were responsible for the popularizing of blended whiskies in the lucrative market of southern England. Sanderson was also a founder of the North British Distillery company in 1885, ensuring supplies of good grain whisky for his blends.
Comments : A smooth, well balanced, premium blend which displays the mellowness expected from its blend of whiskies all aged 12 years and over.
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