Glenfiddich Excellence 18 Years Old



Glenfiddich Excellence
18 Years Old.
Glenfiddich Excellence 18 Years Old. Front of the Whisky box.  
Age : 18 years old.
Vol : 43%
Type : Single malt.
Price (in Danish kr. 70cl. : ?,- / Taxfree 70cl. 465 Dkr.)
Remark :

It's 18 Years old, one for each member of the Glenfiddich family.
It's to expencive. Although a allround whisky.
Tested : (Aug 1998)
Total Score : 8

Glenfiddich Excellence is a rare reserve of ancient

glenfiddich POure Malt which has been aged in oak casks for at least 18 years.

Unlike other Scotch Whiskies, glenfiddich is the only Highland malt to be made using a single source of pure spring water and to be bottled at its own distillery giving it a distinctive smoothness and purity of taste.

Glenfiddich Excellence 18 Year Old, a rare reserve of ancient malt whisky which is distinctively smooth and which has a rich depth of flavour and aroma.

Personal taste: CP GI MK FS FR Average Remark
Package/Info 09 09 ?? ?? ?? 09 Nice black box with nice printing.
Bottle 09 09       09 Like the box - rather nice. - Looks expencive.
Label 07 07       07 Print on the bottle
Cork   08 08       08 Cork and wood.
Color 06 06       06 Light golden
Smell 07 08       07,50 Sweet.
Taste 07 07       07 Nice. (With a hint of alcohol)
Palate 06 06       06 Medium to Long nice malt.
Price/Quality 02 03       02,50 A bit to expencive.


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