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Location : Scotland, Leith, Edinburgh
Region : Highland
Country : Scotland
Type : Blended
Charles Muirhead and Son Ltd.
186 Commercial Street, Leith, Edinburgh
Founded : 1824
Owner : Charles Muirhead and Son Ltd.
Producer :  Charles Muirhead and Son Ltd.
Water : Blended ?
Remark : I have been looking through all our books to find any information about Muirhead :
There is a bit about it in :
Scotch Whisky : Its past and present by David Daiches.
"Macdonald and Muir also blend and export ' Martin's VVO' of three different ages, eitht, twleve and twenty years old; other of their whiskies, perhaps less well known, are Muirhead's (Gold Label, silver Label, and 'Rare Old Maturity' twelve years old) and 'Glen Moray '93', a de luxe whisky described with engaging bravura as ' of tremendous stature, yet full of grace'. (This description comes from the wine list of Charles Muirhead & Sons Ltd., an attractive Edinburgh retail firm owned by Macdonald & Muir. It is so far as I know the only place in the United Kingdom where 'Martin's VVO', virtually un-obtainable in Britain because it is blended almost entirely for export, can sometimes be bought.)"
and The Scotch Whisky Book by Mark Skipworth. "Muirhead's
Adress : Charles Muirhead and Son Ltd.,
186 Commercial Street, Leith, Edinburgh.
Parent company : Macdonald and Muir Ltd.
Available in the U.K., South America and India.
The company was established in Edinburgh in 1824 as a wine merchants.
Acquiring another wine-shipping company a century later, the company branched out into Scotch whisky blending, bottling and exporting."
We can add that : Macdonald and Muir owns distilleries or brands like ; Highland Queen and Glen Moray.
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