Glendronach 15 yo sherry


The Glendronach Whisky, Whisky logo from the front of the whisky box.



Testet : Yes
From the back of the box.: 1OO % M A T U R E D 

The Glendronach 100% sherry cask matured Single Highland Malt is a sensory experience unique among malt whiskies. A big bodied, heart-warming spirit that fills the mouth with luscious sherry maltflavours

We only mature The Glendronach in sherry casks, butts and puncheons - casks that have previously been used to age sherry in Spain. When subsequently used to mature malt whisky, these casks impart a deep, dark gold colour and a delicious richness and roundness to the spirit.  Alas,  scarcity of supply and greater cost mean it is rare indeed nowadays to find a malt whisky 100% matured in sherry casks. 

At The Glendronach distillery, where hand-crafted methods have remained unchanged since 1826, time has shown that the old ways make the finest malt. Our babbling burn, traditional  malting floor,  great  wooden washbacks, coal-fired copper stills and stone maturation  houses  help  to  create  an unmistakable malt whisky. Watched over by the raucous rooks who have stood vigil over the  making  of  The  Glendronach  since distilling began, the whisky lazily ages until perfectly balanced and ready for drinking. 

It may take a full 15 years to draw out The Glendronach's  very  special  sherry  cask sweetness tinged with oak and peat smoke. But the wait, as you will discover, is worth it. 

COLOUR Deep ruby-red gold. NOSE-Huge sherry impact followed by a spicy, smoky, deep rich whisky flavour.
BODY Big bodied, velvety and luscious. 
PALATE  Very rich and complex, with an initial burst of sherry, malty and lightly peated, with lingering flavours of oak and smoke.
FINISH Long, rich-deeply warming.


Total Score : 6


Glendronach 15 years old




Personal taste: CP GI HT FS FR Avarage. Remark...
Package/Info 08 07       07,50 Vine red/Sherry - with the above info on the back.
Bottle 06 06       06,00 Standard Whisky bottle.
Label 07 07       07,00 Cool and Nice with info.
Prop ? Metal/Kork/ Wood.  06 06       06,00 Colored wood and cork and led seal.
Color 06 06       06,00 Very dark / Red-Brown.
Smell 06 07       06,50 A little alcohol. Sweet - smokey - Sherry.
Taste 06 04       05,00 This is VERY sweet - Sweet Sherry is the key word. 
GI : Do not like it ! - It's to much/to sweet..
Aftertaste 07 06       06,50 Long aftertaste, and not so sweet as the first impression gives. 
GI : Do I taste fruite ?
Price/Quality 05 04       04,50 Perhaps if u like sherry ALOT. But to expencive.



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