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Location : Rothes, Morayshire. Grampian Region
Country : Scoth
Type : Highland Speyside
Distillery : International Distillers & Vintners Ltd. (Since 1962)
Age :  12 Years Old
Vol :  40%
Water : Unknown
Founded: 1885 by James Stuart. (Sold in 1887 to Walter and Alfred Gilbey.)

Source www.bbr.com :

Glen Spey Distillery, Speyside

Glen Spey was founded by the licence holder of Macallan, James Stuart, who altered an old mill to make it a distillery in 1884.

It currently belongs to the same family as Knockando, The Singleton of Auchroisk, and Strathmill. All are part of  Diageo.
Glen Spey malt contributes to blends like Spey Royal and the vatted malt Stathspey -indeed the vast majority of the output is used in blends. Single malts (rare) appear as part of independent bottlings or in the Diageo's collection "Fauna & Flora".





Location : Rothes on spey. Scotland
Country : Scotch
Type :  Blended
Distillery :  Glen Spey Distillery
Founded : Est. 1857
Age :  ? (Silent) Years Old
Vol :  ?%
Water : The River Spey
Remark : From the box.:
Spey Royal Extra Rich - Scotch whisky of quality and distinction.
Spey Royal takes its name from the River Spey witch runs through the history of Scotch Whisky like a silver thread.
In the surrounding mountains and small valleys, the finest malt whiskies have been produced since the fifteenth century.

Here too is the Glen Spey Distillery whose 'malt' is aged for silent years in oak casks to reach perfect maturity.
For nearly a hundred years now, it has been used in this famous blend, known throughout the world for its quality and distinction: Spey Royal - named after Scotland's famous River Spey.

Price (in Danish kr. 70cl. : ?,- )
In Thailand Approx. 270Bath (ca. 55,- dkr)
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Glen Spey