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Location : Rothes, Morayshire. Grampion Region.
Country : Scotland
Type : Highland Speyside.
Distillery : Caperdonich Distillery Ltd.
Rothes, Morayshire AB38 7BS
Phone: 01542-783300
Manager: Willie Mearns
Founded : 1897 By James Grant (Glen Grant), 1898, closed in 1902 and re-established in 1965.
Water : Caperdonich Well.
Age :  ? Years Old - Unknown only seen from independent bottlers like Connoisseurs Choice / Gordon Macphail.
Vol :  40%
Water : Caperdonich Well.
Remark :

Uses ex-bourbon and sherry cask's.
The distillery have 2 wash stills and 2 spirit stills.
The distillery is across the road from Glen Grant and used to be called Glen Grant No. 2

Source www.bbr.com :

Caperdonich Distillery, Speyside

Caperdonich is a partner to the renowned Glen Grant. The two distilleries, under the same ownership, are across the street from one another in the whisky town of Rothes.

Actually the distillery was originally founded in 1897 by Major James Grant under the name "Glen Grant 2" Both distilleries were joined by a pipe-line, known as "the whisky pipe" by the inhabitants of Rothes. The legend says that some enterprising locals of Rothes made some holes in the pipe, in order to get their own part of the spirit.

Production ceased between 1901 and 1965, due to decreasing demand and the effect of the two World Wars and most of its equipment was moved across the road to Glen Grant for use as spares. It re-opened under the ownership of "The Glenlivet and Glen Grant Distilleries Ltd".

In 2000 it was acquired by the French group Pernod-Ricard. When compared with its sister distillery Glen Grant, Caperdonich is perhaps a dash fruitier and slightly more smoky. They are both components of the Chivas Regal blend. As a single malt, Caperdonich is available only in independent bottlings, although this may change.

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