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Location : Miltonduff / Near Elgin - Elgin. Marayshire. Grampian Region. Pluscarden Abbey's ruins.. - West of the B9010 to the south of Elgin.
Region : Highland Speyside.
Country : Scotland
Type : Malt Highland Speyside
Miltonduff, Elgin, Morayshire IV30 3TQ
Phone: +44 01343-547433
Fax: +44 01343-548802
Founded : Legal in 1824 Messrs Bain & Peary.
Owner : Hiram Walker-Gooderham & Worths.
Producer :  ?
Water : Reputedly the Black Burn.
Remark :

Miltonduff :

From the Whisky pilot by Uniqum Systems :
Miltonduff is located in the fields of what is usually called the Garden of Scotland, Pluscarden. . Said to have been founded by Pearey & Bain, Miltonduff came into the ownership of Hiram Walker in 1936 and is now a part of the Allied Domecq group. . The distillery was extended in the mid-1890s and was largely rebuilt 1974-75. Licensed to George Ballantine & Son Ltd and operated by Allied Distillers Ltd.
Six Miltonduff stills and two Lomond stills, which were installed in 1964 and dismantled in 1981. . The Lomond stills produced a different style of malt known as "Mosstowie".
Legend tells about an ancient abbot who blessed the water in the nearby Black Burn. Since then spirit distilled on black burn water was called 'Aque vitae', water of life. . The stone on which the abbot knelt became the milling stone.
Milton Duff is the principal malt associated with Ballantine's Scotch Whisky.
Situated west of the B9010 to the south of Elgin. A short distance away across the River Lossie are the ruins of Pluscarden Priory.

Source www.bbr.com :

Miltonduff Distillery, Speyside

Miltonduff distillery lies south of Elgin, on the land of the old Pluscarden Priory that owned a brewery and probably a distillery too as soon as in the 13th century. It is not inconceivable that the monks carried out a small production of aqua vitae, particularly since religious orders in Ireland and Scotland were regarded as guardians of the secrets of distillation since the middle Ages.‘Duff’ was added to the name when the land on which the distillery stood was bought by the Duff family, the Dukes of Fife.

The recent history of the distillery is not well documented, but Miltonduff is said to have been founded in 1824, following the introduction of the 1823 Excise Act. It was modernised in the late 1930s after its acquisition (together with Glenburgie) by Hiram Walker and it is currently part of the Pernod Richard group.

A small part of the production is marketed as single malt by the Elgin's independent bottler Gordon & McPhail. Half the output is sold to outside blenders, and the remaining part is used in the blends of the group, mainly Ballantine's and Teachers.

The style is flowery (rose petal-fragrants), sweetly sappy and delicate, with very little smoke and a touch of oak vanillin.



Miltonduff Highland Speyside - Malt. Speyside (Lossie)
Miltonduff 12 years old Single Speyside Speyside 12 40 Allied Distillers bottling.
Miltonduff 1964 Cask Strength Cask Strength Speyside 1964 1994 50,9 Bottled in November 1994, available from Wm. Cadenhead.
Miltonduff 5 years old Single Speyside Speyside 5

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