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GLENDULLAN (AKA : Glendullan-Glenlivet).



Location : Dufftown, Banffshire. Grmpian Region.
Country : Scotch.
Type :  Highland Speyside.
Distillery :  Owner : United Distillers.
Founded : 1896 by William Williams & Sons Ltd.



Source www.bbr.com :

 Glendullan Distillery, Speyside

The Glendullan distillery was founded in 1897 in the outskirts of Dufftown by the blender William Williams. The rumour has it that Williams established the new distillery in defiance of his failure to acquire the Glenfiddich and The Balvenie distilleries.

The new distillery was purposely located near these two distilleries, in order to draw on the same high quality of source water and barley. Glendullan, like many other distilleries, remained inactive from 1940 up to 1947 during the World War II shortages of Barley.

The distillery underwent a major refurbishment in the early 1960's, followed by the construction of a second distillery the old one in 1970-1971. The old distillery was eventually mothballed in 1985, leaving the new one to continue with the production and the traditions of the Glendullan whisky. It is now part of the Diageo drinks giant.

Glendullan typically exhibits a pronouced perfumed (floral and honey) character, supplemented by  great smoothness and elegance on the palate.

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