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Dufftown Distillery (The sign) Photo by awa



Location : Dufftown, Keith, Banffshire
Region : Highland
Country : Scotland
Type : Single Malt
Distillery :  Dufftown Distillery

Phone : 01340-820224
Visitors by appointment : 9.00-16-00.
Larger parties should telephone in advance.
Founded : ?
(New modern still built somewhere around 1998)
Owner : United Malt and Grain Distillers Ltd.
1 Trinity Road, Elgin, Morayshire IV30 1UF, Scotland.
Producer :  ?
Water : Jock's Well
Remark :

From Collins Pocket Reference : Whisky
Prettily situated at the water's edge in the Dullan Glen, this is one of seven distilleries in and around Dufftown, a major whisky production centre with plentiful resources of water, peat and, previously, barley. Despite the abundance of fresh water in the glen, there were disputes in the early years over water rights, some of which led to the nocturnal diversion and re-devision of local supplies. The distillery finally gained the right to draw its supplies from Jock's Well, a reliable source of fine, sweet water some distance away. The single malt is still relatively rare, becoming more widely available in official bottlings in United Distillers' Distillery (Flora and Fauna) Malts series early in the 1990's.
Tasting comment : A pleasant Speyside malt with a delicate, fragrant aroma which is almost flowery, and a smooth, sweet taste. Doubles as a before- or after-dinner dram.

From the label :
Highland single Scotch Whisky Dufftown distillery was established near Dufftown at the end of the C19th. The bridgth flash of the Kingfisher can often be seen over the Dullan River, which flows past the old stone buildings of the distillery on its way to the Spey. This single Highland malt whisky is typically speyside in character with a delicate, fragrant, almost flowery aroma and taste which lingers on the palate.

Notes by www.AWA.dk :
Dufftown Distillery is a new and modern distillery. It has 12 washback's and everything is engine/computer controlled. The fermentation process is around 16 hours, a hole process around 60 hours.
There is 8 employees on shift.
2 wash stills at 19775 litre, 2 Spirit stills at 24080 litre - pipe heated.
Near the Dulland river. +1 spirit and +1wash.

Source www.bbr.com :

 Dufftown Distillery, Speyside

The Dufftown distillery is located in the part of Speyside and Banffshire of the same name, an area which also hosts other renowned distilleries (Balvenie , Convalmore, Glendullan, Glenfiddich, Mortlach and Pittyvaich).

Dufftown was born out of the conversion of an old mill in 1896 and it was immediately acquired in 1897 by Peter MacKenzie and Richard Stackpole (owners of Blair Athol distillery) who were seeking to expand their production capacity during the whisky boom of the 1890's.The recession of the 1930’s forced MacKenzie sell Dufftown, along with Blair Athol to Arthur Bell.

From that moment on, Dufftown has been an indispensable component of the Bells blend. Since 1985, Dufftown is part of the drinks conglomerate Diageo; Dufftown is not a widely advertised brand within Diageo's portfolio as the majority of the output goes in blends (Bell's, Dewar's White Label and Johnnie Walker) and as a result the release of single malt bottlings are few and rare. However, Dufftown is Diageo's 'powerhouse' distillery with the largest capacity of all the distilleries in the group. It ‘s worth noting though that it only ranks as 12th of all the distilleries in Scotland, having a smaller capacity than the for example the giants William Grant or Edrington.

The distinctive style of Dufftown single malts is quite malty with a delicate, fragrant, floral and honeysuckle nose.


Dufftown Pictures taken by AWA - Dufftown 2000 Whisky Festival.


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The Dufftown distillery Dufftown Wash stills Dufftown Wash Dufftown Spirit Safe Dufftown distillery sign
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08 years old
Dufftown 8 years old  
Age : 8 years old.
Vol : 43%
Type : Single Malt
Price ?
Remark : None at present time.

10 years old
Dufftown glenlivet 10 years old Another Dufftown label of 10 years old
Age : 10 years old.
Vol : 40%
Type : Single Malt
Price ?
Remark : None at present time.

15 years old
Sorry no picture.  
Age : 15 years old.
Vol : 43%
Type : Single Malt
Price ?
Remark : None at present time.
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