Ardbeg 1974 Connoisseurs Choice

The best Ardbeg we ever tasted.The longest aftertaste found.Ardbeg 1974 | 29 Year OldBarcode: 5020613147829


Ardbeg Vintage 1974
Connoisseurs Choice.
 Ardbeg Vintage 1974 Connoisseurs Choice.
  Ardbeg Vintage 1974 - The label
Age :  It's a vintage.
Vol 40%
Type :  Single Islay Malt - Scotch whisky
Remark : 

We tested a Gordon and MacPhail vintage 1974 - Yehaaa. (Bottled in 1996)
Here you have the ultimative Islay with the longest - strongest and Islay palate of them all.
Beginners : Do not try this one home alone.
This bottling is absolutely one of awa's favorite vintages.
From the book 'The Scottish Collection' - classic malts by Carol P. Shaw:
With a dominant aroma and insistent peatiness, Ardbeg's flavour is balanced by sweeter tones. Considered the most pungent of all Scotch whiskies, it is (If you are lucky) available from independent bottlers.

This is an Ardbeg back from when Ardbeg still used floormaltings and didnt buy it from outa town.

We want it back. Glenmorangie has with its ownership of Ardbeg placed the new "ten" and Ardbeg close but only "almost there"

The Rollercoaster is close at gives you a hint of the old Ardbeg back.

Bottled by :  Gordon & MacPhail.
Value :  :( it's quite expencive 70cls approx 1.000,- dkr. in 2000) in 2010 around 2500 dkr. (250,- £)

40% 70 cl.

Distilled at Ardbet distillery ( Gordon Macphail )


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