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Lossit Distillery, Established 1826

Lossit Distillery was located at Lossit Kennels, not far from Ballygrant on the minor road to Lossit Farm, close to Loch Ballygrant. It was a medium-sized farm-scale operation and in 1826-7 it produced 12,200 gallons (54,480 litres) of proof spirit. It was operated by Malcolm McNeill from 1826 to 1834, by George Stewart until 1852 and a John Stuart thereafter for a further 10 years. This makes it one of the longest surviving 19th century farm-scale distilleries on Islay. There is a possibility that Bulloch, Lade & Co used the Lossit warehouses (perhaps to store Caol Ila whisky) until 1867. Today the house and kennels remain, although where whisky distilling actually took place remains a mystery and there is nothing left of the warehouses.


Other Islay locations thought to have operated as licenced distilleries include: Ballygrant (1818-21), Freeport (c 1847), Glenavullen (1827-32), Octovullin (1816-19), Upper Cragabus (c 1841) and Torrylin (no dates available)



Location : Islay
Region : Islay - Argyll
Country : Scotland
Type : Islay Malt Whisky
Distillery Lossit Distillery (Mothballed)
Loosit Kennels
Isle of Islay Scotland
Phone: +44 NA
Founded : 1826
Owner :

Still closed

Private owned (No access to public)

Producer :  ?
Water : Lossit spring
Remark :

Lossit Islay malt whisky :

Lossit distillery was located at Lossit Kennels not so far from Ballygrant. The distillery was a medium sized farm scale producing abour 12200 gallons ( approx 54500 litre) of proof spirit.
It was operated by Malcolm McNeill from 1826 to 1834 and by George Stewart until 1852. John Stuart did it from 1834 - 1844.
Words say that the still was used by Bullock, Lad and Co until 1867.
Today only some of the house remains, and now we found some of it... (Lossit Kennels)
The person living there found some of the original maltfloor under a new floor near the ceiling
You could smell the Barley from the wooden bars, and there was two pieces of the firebar, one loose and one stock in the middle of the road leading to the Lossit kennels.


We have been there only parts of the building now private res.

The current owner found some kiln iron left in the road.. but not much to se anymore.

Some leftovers from the Lossit Distillery kiln


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  The Lossit DISTILLERY is closed
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