Canadian Club Classic


Canadian Club Classic


Canadian Club Classic Canadian. Canadian Rye Wiskey 12 Years. : 2 - Yes 2 Yes



Canadian Club Classic, 12 Years old.


Location : Canada
Country : Canada
Type :  Canadian whisky
Distillery :  ?
Founded : By Hiram Walker.
Age :  12 Years Old
Vol :  ?%
Water : Unknown
Remark :

Canadian club was first produced in a world where spittoon was considered quite sophisticated. Life was harsh and the whisky harsher. Hiram Walker, its founder, set out to create a different whisky that offered a smoother, cleaner taste. Canadian club's distillation process is long and intense. It takes out the harshness and leaves behind the delicate character of the whisky. The Bourbon influence is important, because it adds some of the richness and fruitiness of American whiskey. Part of Hiram Walker's genius was to combine this Bourbon aura with light, smooth and mellow qualities. This is the balance that produced the definitive Canadian whisky.
Canadian Club - No Ordinary Whisky

Note: Canadian Whiskey is not a Bourbon but Canadian Whiskey..

Allied Walker Distributors Ltd Says:
The 12 year old. The extra 6 years maturing in wood produces a darker spirit with more of the traditional characteristics of aged whiskies and an even richer, more aromatic flavour. 
Definitely no ordinary whisky.

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