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Remark / Description Private Swedish website. Aflodal - A Swedish Whisky entusiast
Swedish web site open to anyone who loves whisky. Read about whisky and come to my real life seminars on world whisky.
An Quaich An Quaich - A Canadian Whisky Club - untested.
Ardbeg Whisky Archive at Ardbeg whisky Archive - A website dedicated to Ardbeg.
In Deutsche and English - In the Whisky-Files you will find comprehensive information about Ardbeg Single Malt Whiskies from the well known bottles to very rare items.
Further more link pages and now also Port Ellen.
Arran Japan Arran Japan
Site is in Japanese. (Site moved to
Associação Brasileira dos Colecionadores de Whisky Associação Brasileira dos Colecionadores de Whisky - Brasil
Beatha Vanner - The Swedish Whisky Society Beatha Vänner - The Swedish Whisky Society
Beathas Vänner som fått sitt namn efter det gaeliska ordet för whisky "UisgeeBeatha" grundades av Kenneth Lindblad 1992.
Föreningen har utvecklats över åren och idag är man mer än 200 medlemmar lokaliserat i Linköping.
Website is in swedish with history, program, freinds, members page etc.
Bozo's whisky link pages Bozo's cool whisky link page - Searching for other whisky links - try here.
Old url :
Celtic Malts
This site offers information about the Whiskies of the World Expos in the U.S. and in addition to some great obscure whisky rearch articles already included in 'Whisky on the Edge' segment, a new Celtic Whisky Journal will be going up in about 5 weeks with contributing whisky journalists from around the world.
Celtic Whisky Compagnie Celtic Whisky Compagnie
The breton specialist of Celtic whiskies, is a craftsmen's enterprise located in Côtes d'Armor, on the Northern coast of Brittany in France, directly facing the ocean, at the far end of a peninsula surrounded by two ria rivers named "Le Jaudy" and "Le Trieux".
Scotch Whisky Collectors Scotch Whisky Collectors - Private Page for Collectors
Companions of the Quaich Companions of The Quaich , Canada's Premier Malt Whisky Appreciation Society
The different Chapters, links etc.
Continental Malt Whisky Page - Thor Bonn Continental Malt Whisky Page.
Copyright © 1996 Horst Enge
Craigellachie Collection of Scotch Whisky Labels Craigellachie Collection of Scotch Whisky Labels
Craigellachie Hotel of Speyside Craigellachie Hotel of Speyside, Craigellachie, Speyside, Banffshire, SCOTLAND
AB38 9SR, Phone: +44 : \L\1)1340 88 12 04
One of the good whisky bars in Scotland - They have one of the largest Selections of drinking malt whiskies in the world - 264 currently and still growing - that you can buy by the nip !!
The web address is
Västervik Malt Whisky. By Peter Danielsson from Sweden. Peter Danielsson's whisky web site.
Västervik Malt Whisky - Links and much more. (Site in Swedish)
Dennis' Whiskey Corner Dennis' Whiskey Corner
Distilleries and Fuel-Ethanol Plants Worldwide Distilleries and Fuel-Ethanol Plants Worldwide
Used and Surplus Equipment Mart and Links to Dealers
Distillery Destinations Distillery Destinations aims to provide you with the best possible Scotch Whisky trip, whether you are a connoisseur, an amateur, or you just want to know more. Distillery Destinations Ltd. is owned and run by two whisky experts - Helen Arthur and Caroline Dewar.
distilleryguide aims to direct you to the best distillery to visit as well as being a general reference guide for Malt Whisky lovers.
Fergus Chamberlain
Dr Cloutier's Scotch Page Dr Cloutier's Scotch Page
The Edinburgh Malt Whisky Tour. The Edinburgh Malt Whisky Tour.
One of the Net's oldest and largest non-commercial Malt Whisky site. Here you will find descriptions, historical notes and pictures, statistics and tasting notes relating to all Scotland's distilleries
Freinds of Classic Malts Freinds of Classic Malts (UDV.)
PO Box 87, Glasgow
Scotland G14 OJF
The Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre The Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre
Edingburg Heritage Center

354 Castlehill, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH1 2NE.
Tel: 0131 220 0441
Gaelic Whiskies Gaelic Whiskies
George's pages George's pages
Whisky links etc. - Sorry George - I'll make this description better.
Grandsmalts (French) is the site of Le Clan des Grands malts, a non profit amking association with > 500 members.
It is in French and they have several pages about the making process, our travels and maybe the only forum in French.
The Highland Trail. The Highland Trail
HUHU bar - whisky at HUHU bar - whisky a sk whisky site.
All Irish whiskies - Private Whiskey entusiast - just like this site... All Irish whiskies - Private non-selling site like this one.
(independent personal site, like this site, with passion for Irsh Whiskey...(fun))
International Malt Whisky Festival International Malt Whisky Festival
Official website of the International Malt Whisky Festival, to be held on 23, 24 and 15 November in the Grote Kerk in The Hague, the Netherlands. Almost all Dutch (malt) whisky importers will be displaying and offering their products, answering questions and supplying information on this consumer-oriented happening. Apart from that there will be Celtic music, whisky tastings, stands with Britain and Ireland oriented travel organisations, and all kinds of Celtic products. Be there!
The Whisky Coast
Whisky Coast, Scotland's west coast whisky trail. The Whisky Coast : \L\ is about blending incredible Scottish scenery, the finest hotels, restaurants, golf courses and visitor attractions with the best single malt whisky.
Members of the Whisky Coast include 16 famous distilleries along the west coast of Scotland from Arran to Skye Whiskyship
Go onboard your whisky....
International Malt Whiskysociety Holland International Malt Whiskysociety Holland
Islay whisky Islay whisky
If you love Scotch Islay whisky - this site is a must.
Islay whisky Club Islay whisky Club
If you love Scotch Islay whisky - this is a site Dedicated to the Islay single malts.
John Sarnecki's Scotch Whiskey Reviews John Sarnecki's
Scotch Whiskey Reviews
Keiran's Scotch ratings page Keiran's Scotch ratings page.
Kentucky Distillers' Association at Kentucky Distillers' Association
The Kentucky Distillers' Association website. Learn about Kentucky Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey. The history and making of bourbon, distillery tours, recipes, travel in Kentucky and international trade.
The Kentucky Bourbon Festival The Kentucky Bourbon Festival
Bourbon events, locations and links.
Jan Langenberg's Whisky page Jan Langenberg's whisky page / Nederland. Collects miniature bottles and bottle-labels.
Collecting whisky labels - Want to trade ?
Experience Scotland's Finest Malt Whiskies.
On you will find the member page for "Friends of The Classic Malts.
(The site is only for Friends of The Classic Malts - members.)
Malt Advocate magazine The Malt Advocate magazine.
With Whisky Terminology a site with info about beer and whisky.
The Malt project The Malt Project is a comprehensive video documentary series about the single malt scotch whisky industry. You'll meet the people, visit the distilleries and the world-class spirits they produce.
Whisky reviews, Travel info to Scotland and whisky tasting notes
Malt whisky trail The Malt whisky trail
Malt Whisky in Speyside, Travel info to Scotland Speyside. The whisky trail to different whisky distillers in Speyside.
Maltwhisky-mara Germany Maltwhisky-mara : \L\1erman Site)
Master of Malt Master of Malt - Whisky selling site.
Further more also independent bottlings.
Miniature Bottle Collecting Chris' Miniature Bottle Collection
Norsk Maltwhisky Lag Norsk MaltWhisky lag.
With info about NMWL, some testnotes, and whisky links. (Norway)
Moved from old url :
Old and Rare Old and Rare from the Vintage house - list of whiskies with prices.
Old dutchman this is a general site about whisky only malts Only Malts from Norway. er en side der vi ønsker å samle og formidle informasjon om skotsk single malt whisky. Vi presenterer ingen fasit, dette dreier seg om individuelle opplevelser, og på denne siden er det meningen at du skal bidra med dine egne maltwhiskytips og erfaringer, slik at vi sammen lager en god og levende maltwhiskyside. Vi snakker om en dugnadsånd selv salig Gerhardsen ville misunt oss!
Pat's Amazingly Stupid - Canadian Club Page Pat's Amazingly Stupid - Canadian Club Page
Lots of info about Canadian Club - Pictures of Canadian Club etc.
Peace and Plenty Peace and Plenty
Although Peace & Plenty is primarily a product for the American market it is available in most countries by post.
PLOWED Single Malt Scotch (SMS) Page - at PLOWED Single Malt Scotch (SMS) Page - The original Single Malt Scotch page.
The old SMS Page at is moved.
Port Nicholson Miniature Bottle Club Port Nicholson Miniature Bottle Club
New Zealand site with Links, bourbon, Scotch - drinks etc.
Preston's Drogheda Preston's Drogheda
Cooley bottling of whiskey. is a nice site in English, French, Italian and Spanish , Info about Scotch whisky, blended whisky and a members club room with on-line tasting events etc.
The site lists every available brand of Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Single Grain Scotch Whisky, Pure Malt Scotch Whisky and Blended Scotch Whisky. Sections of the site include Suppliers to the Scotch Whisky Industry, Scotch Whisky Retailers, The Distilleries of Scotland, The Scotch Whisky Manufacturing Process, How to drink Scotch Whisky and the Scotch Whisky Collectors service.
Scotland Online - The Malt Whisky Trail - Speyside Scotland Scotland Online - The Malt Whisky Trail - Speyside Scotland
Distilleries, travel service and hotels, The making of Malt Whiskies etc.
The Scotch (Malt) Connoissuer The Scotch (Malt) Connoissuer
A Personal Odyssey into the World of Fine Whisky
List of the whiskies personally tasted, and thoughts on them.
The Scotch Doc. The Scotch Doc is a feature of McCoy's EDUtainment ETCetera.
5947 Meadowcrest Drive Dallas, Texas 75230
Phone : \L\114) 360-9787 - Fax : \L\114) 360-9924
The exciting and intriguing world of Scotch single malt whisky by Dr. David 'The Scotch Doc' McCoy.
Join him as he traverses and explores the out-of-the-ordinary nooks and crannies of the Scotch single malt domain.
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society Scotch Malt Whisky Society
International Home Page
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Edingburgh, Scotland The Scotch Malt Whisky Society International Home Page, Edinburgh, Scotland
An association of lovers of single malt Scotch whiskies, whose object is to promote an appreciation of whisky's diversity. The Society selects particularly fine casks and bottles them individually, at cask strength and without chill-filtration.
Scotch Corner - Whisky on the Web - Whisky Links Scotch Corner - Whisky on the Web
Whisky links By Mike Unwin.
The Scotch Whisky Association The Scotch Whisky Association Scotch.Com - Scotch Whisky and Scotland
Hmmm... United distillers have a link to this page... (Is it a UD page ?)
Connoisseur's Corner - Scotland Journal - Fine Whiskies - Tartan Club - Information
Scotch Whisky Cottage Scotch Whisky Cottage
This Web site is about Scotch Whisky, the worlds famoust liquor.
Can only offer a tiny bit of information. To get more check the links.
The Scotchman The Scotsman Publications Ltd.
20 North Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1YT, Scotland
Tel. : \L\144) 0131 225 2468 - Fax. : \L\144) 0131 220 3714
Scotland Tours Co. Ltd Scotland Tours Co. Ltd
Whisky trails of Scotland
Scottish Radiance Archive Scottish Radiance Archive
Ref: to Arthur J. A. Bell's Whisky - Connoisseur Column
Sigma Whisky Club SWC - Sigma Whisky Club in Sweden.
Shawhan - The History of Bourbon Whiskey and the Shawhan Family The Shawhan The History of Bourbon Whiskey and the Shawhan Family
The Single Malt Scotch Society / USA at The Single Malt Scotch Society / USA at
The SingleMalt-collections Japan The SingleMalt-collections Japan
CHARSET=x-sjis mixed with a bit of english.
Stillife Stillife - How to make your own whisky. Selling Books and hardware on how to make your own whisky / whiskey.
Stillife The Small Batch Bourbon Collection - History and information about Small Batch Bourbon
Straight Bourbon Straight Bourbon
Southern Wine & Spirits Southern Wine & Spirits
Selling site ?
Spirit of Speyside at Spirit of Speyside at
The Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival
Now updated with festival of 2002 events and much more.
S.S.M.S. Stockholm Single Malt Society S.S.M.S. Stockholm Single Malt Society
Whisky the final frontier on Straylight Data at Whisky - The Final Frontier by Eje Gustafsson
Here you can also find info about whisky or if you prefer whiskey!
Either way the malt brew that is fameous around the world. Single malt whisky originating from Scottland.
Straque (The 8 Whisky drinking ladies from NL) 8 Ladies : STRAQUE) from the Netherlands who like whisky.
They would like to receive some mail from others who like whisky too.
New adress :
Systembolaget Sweden Systembolaget - Sweden. / If you want to buy alcohol in Sweden.
The Tartan Pages at The Tartan Pages: Scotlands Internet
Scotland's first Internet directory. The Tartan Pages are the most comprehensive and established guide to Scotland on the Internet.
(Drink Links)
Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey
Developed by Tom Jernigan.
Turkey gear Australia Turkey Gear Australia
Wild Turkey merchandise / accessories in Australia
Mr. Ulf Buxrud's Cool Whisky pages Ulf Buxrud's cool Whisky pages - A Keeper of the Quaich
Swedish site with lots of whisky links.
UniversalWhiskyExperience Universal Whisky Experience is the world?s premier promoter of luxury, super-premium whisky enjoyment experiences and the brainchild of C.E.O. Mahesh Patel.
Mahesh is a successful commercial real estate developer in Atlanta, Georgia. For the past two decades, the company has spawned commercial construction, development, and management companies and hotel franchises throughout the Southeastern United States.
Mahesh?s great passion in life is whisky, namely ?Scotch? whisky. A connoisseur and enthusiast, he frequently attends exclusive whisky events and gatherings both domestically and abroad. He has been a collector of fine and rare whiskies for more than 20 years.
Well-connected and respected among industry leaders, distillery managers and owners, and brand ambassadors, Mahesh has leveraged these relationships and is excited to offer the world?s first luxury whisky enjoyment experience, the ?Nth? 2011 Show? in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Usquebaugh society Usquebaugh society
The USQUEBAUGH SOCIETY is a Scotch Single Malt Whisky Society, founded in 1990.
It is stationed in The Netherlands. With almost a thousand members in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
Warbergs Single Malt Society The Warbergs Single Malt Society. This is a new Society in Sweden, Warbergs Single Malt Society, located in Varberg. The site contains links, some news, whisky stuff and tasting notes.
Whisk-e Japan The Whisk-e. A Japanese site. Site holds information about Whisky magazine : \L\1nglish) and summary in Japanese (member pages), Link to Shopping street, The Scotch malt whisky society, Arran Japan (the old stuff from Arran, Premium Malt selection : \L\1g. Rare malts from Argyll), From the Oak (Food, golden wine, goods and accessories. Mail magazine, Auction and links etc.
The site is in Japanese (Thank you to Mr. Inoue for light translation.)
Whiskey Master The Whiskey Master. A nice informative site, with history and review of Irish whiskey.
The Whisk: \L\1)y Pages The Whisk: \L\1)y Pages. AKA: Malt Advocate.
Whisky Club of Southern Sweden - Single Malt Whisky Society Whisky Club of Southern Sweden - Single Malt Whisky Society
Whisky Community Whisky Community
The Whisky Events Network The Whisky Events Network
Checked Dec. 2001 - website down ! Whisky Center Sweden Whisky Center
Swedish whisky websites with info, links and much more.
Whisky et distilleries. Whisky et distilleries.
Whisky et distilleries. ( )
Site is in French, and is an information site with detailed information about nearly 90 distilleries and 190 bottlings, tasting notes, forum, information about independant distillers, history and how whisky is made... Whiskylap Hungary - links to information about whisky on the web. links to information about whisky on the web.
If you cant find a link on our pages - perhaps you will find it here.
Whisky (Magazine) Live Whisky (Magazine) Live
Want to take part in whisky events ? Taste rare and fine whiskies in London.
Whisky Magazine Whisky Magazine
Whisky, whiskey, uisge beatha, the water of life. Can there be another drink with such infinite variety, such rich complexity of smell, such devoted followers? As a lover of whisky, you'll find Whisky Magazine the ideal drinking companion.
Whisky Magazine Whisky Magazine
Whisky-World web site, the online manifestation of Whisky Magazine.
Whiskymania Whiskymania (A German whisky web site.)
Whiskynews Germany WhiskyNews Germany
Links to different whisky sites. German Tips, Photos.
Whiskynews Germany WhiskyNews Germany
Links to different whisky sites. German Tips, Photos.
Whisky pagina Netherlands Holland - Whisky link page Whisky Pagnia Holland
Dutch link page to different whisky sites.
Whisky poland Whisky Polan
Site in Polska ! by Rajmund Matuszkiewicz Whiskysociety Germany Whiskysociety : \L\1erman)
Whisky Society ist a platform for whisky connaisseurs with the possibility to submit any whisky events, free registration for shops and bars that are specialised in single malt whiskies, whisky database with user ratings, and many other interactive features. Our platform ist visited by more than 150 whisky fans daily. Right now the platform is in german only, but by mid-year it will also be available in english. Whisky school at Bladnoch distillery Whiskyschool at Bladnoch distillery.
They offer a 3 day school in making your own whisky.... Whisky Story
Scotch Whisky
Single Malt Scotch Whisky Tastings and Educational Semianars Whisky Tastings
Offers Single Malt Scotch Whisky Tastings and Educational Semianars
Whisky Viper Whisky Viper - (Aka:
Whiskytrail, The Process, Six Classic Malts, Labels, Rating, Glossary and Links
Website by Joakim Person in Swedish and English.
Whiskey-Whisky Whiskey-Whisky by Gary and June
Bourbon, Irish, Tenn. Whisky, Whiskey, Glossary etc.
whiskyroom Whisky room, links and distillers etc. WhiskyWeb AKA: scotweb or
Whisky Site offering on-line sales. Whisky guide in tasting / drinking notes, whisky links, tour guides - etc.
Finally the great Malt Whisky File with a great search engine.
William Lawson at William Lawson's Scotch Whisky Site.
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