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Others Not whisky sites ... but then again - related.                                 Bookshop, Inc.
P.O. Box 80387 - Seattle, WA 98101-80387
Searching for a whisky book ? - try here. Alcohol reviews
Reviews of different types of : Beers, Spirits : \L\1ven some whiskies), Wine, Cocktails etc. Also a Shop.
Ardent Spirits Ardent Spirits
Ardent We, Books, Cocktails , links etc.
Bardstown-Nelson County Tourist Commission Bardstown-Nelson County Tourist Commission - Kentucky
107 E. Stephen Foster Ave., Bardstown, KY 40004
Phone : \L\100) 638-4877 or locally, : \L\102) 348-4877.
Fax : : \L\102) 349-0804.
E-mail :
Bardstown is in the heart of Kentucky - and known as the Bourbon Capital of the World
( old url not valid any more !)
The Barrel Company, Inc. The Barrel Company, Inc. - Searching for barrels ?
Bartender Plus Bartender Plus Visit the site for "Bartend Plus" software by Dale McMullin.
Bartender Magazine Bartender magazine. - Searching for drinks or cocktails with whisky / whiskey - try this site.
Basques Hardwood Charcoal Basques Hardwood Charcoal
They are manufacturer of a high quality ardwood charcoal made out of sugar maple and birch./ sugar maple and birch charcoal.
We only use untreated wood logs which are unfitt for the sawmill. Charcoal is frequently used by whiskey producer.
Wine Making - Country Wines Country Wines has an inventory of over 1200 items for beer brewing and wine making. : \L\1e didn't find any whisky making so not related.)
bottlebooks Digger Odell Bottle price guides Searching for value of bottle or decanters.. try this site.
Danish Scottish Society Danish Scottish Society in Edinburgh
(Den Dansk Skotske Forening i Edinburgh.) In English / På dansk.
Not much at present time : Guess there will be Recipes / drinks / Tools and Techniques.
Cocktails and bartending
The Gordon Hotel and Cromdales Restaurant at The Gordon Hotel and Cromdales Restaurant - Whiskytrail travelling to Tomintoul - need a Hotel ?
F J Wine F J Wine | FJ Wine Making Wine Ratings
Wine Wine Beer Wine Tasting Red Wine
Danish Site. The name sayes it all
(Dansk : navnet siger det hele... Der er så andet end lige Whisky man løber man tør kan du sikkert finde trøst her...)
Happy Hour Canada Happy Hour Bartending and Cocktails Canadian site.
Bartending techniques and cocktails for home, novice and professionals bartenders alike.
The name of book is "Happy Hour, The Art of Creating Cocktails".
Book will be available (from January, 2002).
Happy Hours Happy Hours
Happy Hours newsletters, drinks and other stuff related to liquere and alcohol.
jmichael - Jack Daniels ass. Market Street Mercantile located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee on the historic 2nd Avenue.
Specialized in providing Jack Daniel's Genuine Goods to lovers of the Tennessee whiskey with a online catalog.                                                     
111 2nd Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37201
Phone : \L\188) 512-2400 - Fax : \L\115) 256-6011
Neil Wilson Publishing Neil Wilson Publishing
Publisher of books about whisky and beer
Uniqum Systems Uniqum Systems sweden.
Publisher of the CD-rom "Whisky 98" and "The Whisky pilot".
Uniqum Systems is owned and operated by Christer Olsson and Fredrik Tholander. The company was founded in 1991 and develops multimedia titles and custom designed programs. They also design web sites and 3D modelling.
Scotland ! and links to scottish sites.. Scotlands National Internet Signpost
Scotland ! and links to scottish sites..
A free and comprehensive directory of Scottish Internet sites.
Scotland's Larder Scotland's Larder
Here you will find the very best of Scottish Food & Drink. On the pages you will find the leading Scottish food and drink Producers, with information on their products and brands, and some general background information on Scottish Food & Drink
Undiluted Scotland Undiluted Scotland online guide to speyside
Where to stay, what to do, What to see and where to shop in the speyside region.
Visit Scotland Visit Scotland
Holidays in Scotland - Scottish Tourist Board - Search for Accommodation
The Webtender The Webtender A On-line Bartender - Searching for drinks or cocktails with whisky / whiskey - try this site. (The Game.) : \L\1hisky web site in English.)
The Whisky Game is a board game which consists of a wide range ofquestions about scotch whisky: distilleries, brands, history, whisky making, spelling and a few wee teasers thrown in for good measure.
The Whisky priests (Music band) The Whisky priests - Music Band.
Whisky Before Breakfast at Whisky Before Breakfast comes alive in Burlington, Vermont : \L\1here the State Motto is, "Any weather, any time") courtesyof Whisky Before Breakfast and their up-to-the-minute presentation of traditional Irish, Scottish, and Breton dance tunes along with fresh originals.
spanishrealestategroup If you are settling down and wish a to buy real estate , building your own still :-).
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