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Location : Ageing cellar at 21200 Bouze-Lés-Beaune - France. 
Phone +?? 80 26 01 46 - Fax 80 26 02 70
Country : Scotch (France)
Type :  Pure Malt and Single-single Malt
Distillery :  Michel Couveur (Scotch Whiskies) LTD.
Age :  12 and 27 Years Old
Vol :  43%
Water : Unknown
Remark : The 12 Years old Pure malt is a mix from aprox. 50 diff. stills. 
Exclusively from germinated barley dried on Scottish peat fire. 
Exclusively pot still distillation. 
Aged 12 years in oak casks. 
The 21 Years old Single-single Malt is from a single still and a single wood.
Price (in Danish kr. 375,- 70cl. 12 years old.)
Tested :  Yes (If Yes, comments below.)
Remark :
Total Score : 2
Personal taste: CP GI HT FS FR Average. Remark...
Package/Info 01 01 01 No package and almost no info on the label.
Bottle 05 05 05 Is it a Johnny Walker bottle with another label, placed different ?
Label 03 03 03 Booring. But there is a number :)
The tested was/is : #454168
Prop ? Metal/Kork/ Wood.  03/07 04/06 05 Hey.. We have a split dessision.
This is something else. It's seald with sealing wax.
And ya need a bottle opener / Cork screw to open it.
Color 05 04 04,50 Adjustet with caramel.
Smell 07 05 CP : Soft a bit like Royal Salute.
GI : Cant find any boody - Mild Cognac ?
Taste 02 03 CP : Alcohol.
GI : Under the alcohol it's a bit soft/sweet.
Aftertaste 01 01 God damn. Arghh... Alcohol...
Ohhh... ups... Who poured my MC into my coffee ?
Price/Quality 01 01 This is a longdrink / blend with something thing.
Sorry Mr. : Ephraim Peter We do not like it.

Here is a comment from Mr. Ephraim Peter :
I got the 12 year Michel Gouvreur in New York City, in September 1997
for US$ 50.-
Alcohol: 43%
Color: Very beautiful dark color, a little turbid because it is unfiltered.
Smell: Very gentle, gets a little flat with time (e.g. compared with a good Islay malt)
Taste: Well rounded, full bodied, very pleasant
Aftertaste: Delightfully mellow
Remark:  I'm not used to blended whiskies and was surprised how excellent they can taste. Michael Couvreur has not to stand back behind my favorite single malts (full body, distinguished aftertaste no sharp alcohol smell).
Total Score: 90% of total

Hmm... Wonder if it is the same Whisky we tested.

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