Hombo Shuzo

Kagoshima now produces only shochu spirit, the original speciality of its parent company Hombo, but although the distiller has moved its whisky HQ to the main island at Shinshu they are still selling Kagoshima single malt whisky.

Shinshu - Opened 1960, ceased production of malt whisky in the 1990s although the site is still being used for the production of other alcohols. Owned by Hombo Shuzo and markets whiskies under the "Mars" brand.

Kagoshima - Stopped production in 1984. Owned by Hombo. It currently produces shochu, Japan's indigenous spirit. Some single malt is still available.

http://www.hombo.co.jp/ (Site in Japanese so I'll have to get my father to translate some of it to your service.)



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