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Location : Inverness
Region : Highland
Country : Scotland
Type : Malt
Distillery :  Glen Albyn Distillery
Inverness, Inverness-shire
Founded : ca 1846
Owner : ?
Producer :  ?
Water : ?
Remark : The distillery was closed in 1983 and dismantled in 1986
They used ex-bourbon.

From Collins pocket reference 'Whisky':
Glen Albyn was first established by provost of Inverness in 1840, only to be turned into a flour mill after two decades of distilling. It was re-establihed in the 1880's when a new Glen Albyn Distillery was built in another site close to the Caledonian Canal. The distillery was bought by Mackinlay and Birnie (who also owned the neighbouring Glen Mhor Distillery) in 1920 and was transfered to Scottish Malt Distillers (SMD), a subsidiary of the Distillers Company Ltd., in 1972. Glen Albyn was one of several SMD distilleries closed down in 1983 and it was subsequently demolished by United Distillers in 1988.
Comment : This whisky is available from independent bottlers only and is difficult to come by. It is a medium bodied, smooth malt with a hint of smokiness in its bouquet and taste.

Source www.bbr.com :

Glen Albyn Distillery, Speyside

Located to the north of Inverness, the Glen Albyn Distillery was founded in 1846 by the Provost (Mayor) of Inverness, James Sutherland. 3 years after its creation. Albyn is an old name for Albion or Alba, used to denote "Scotland" and particularly "the Highlands".

The distillery was rebuild in 1884, after a fire destroyed the distillery in 1849, it was later acquired by DCL (Distillers Company Limited) and Scottish Malt Distillers until its closure in 1983. Sadly, the demolition of the distillery, along with the neighbouring Glen Mhor distillery, followed in 1986 to make way for residential development.

The house style is delicately fruity, nutty, and dry.

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Glen Albyn