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Berry's Best Scotland De-Luxe Blend Berry Bros and Rudd Ltd. 0 -
Berry's Pure Malt Scotland Vatted malt Berry Bros and Rudd Ltd.


Berrys' Own Selection Whiskies

Berrys' Own Selection Scotch Whisky comprises an extensive range of own-label bottlings of fine and rare vintage Single Malt whiskies including several bottlings at cask strength. Every cask has been selected by our own expert tasters and only exceptional whiskies deemed fit for inclusion make it into this range. All, almost without exception, are exclusive to Berrys; It's something for those 'in the know'!

Berry Bros. & Rudd has supplied fine spirits through our `Berrys' Own Selection' for well over a century, making Berrys one of the earliest Independent bottlers. By 1909, we were offering 1897 Macallan and 1885 Talisker by the gallon or dozen; to name a few.

Berry Bros & Rudd won the coveted Independent Bottler of the Year Award for two successive years in 2010 & 2011 at the prestigious Icons of Whisky awards. This is tremendous recognition for the passion and experience that our Whisky buyers bring to the business of sourcing and endorsing Scotch Whisky in the name of BB&R, as well as to the skill and innovation they add in creating exceptional bottlings.

Berrys' range of whiskies includes a number of different ranges. The Selected by Berrys' After Dinner Range, The Blue Hanger blended malt, the Craoi na Móna Single Irish Malt Whisky and the special edition John Milroy Selection of Scotch Whiskies.

 Selected by Berrys': The After Dinner Spirits Range is an introduction to the world of Berrys' spirits comprising four aged, naturally coloured "after dinner" spirits, including  two blended Malts from Speyside and Islay, Find out more

As well as the whiskies listed below, the Spirits Room in our London Shop holds further stocks of rare and premium whiskies, many exclusive to Berry Bros & Rudd. 

The Spirits Room
Rob Whitehead
Monday to Friday: 10.00am to 6.00pm - Saturdays: 10am to 5pm
Tel: 44 (0)20 7396 9600 - Fax: 44 (0)20 7396 9611
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Selected by Berrys

Founded in 1698, the cellars of Berry Bros. & Rudd have been, for centuries, a temporary resting place not only for the very finest wines but also for some quite exquisite spirits.

Perhaps lesser known, our range of spirits has been expanding year on year, and exponentially since we first introduced Berrys’Own Spirits in 2003. As have the accolades and awards that our spirits team have received in recognition of their expert and passionate product sourcing and blending. In all we do, Berry’s strives to provide unparalleled quality and service. To ensure we achieve these aims we source only from people we ourselves trust.

These ideals were perhaps never more in evidence than in the selection of The Berrys’ Selected Spirits. Carefully chosen and blended by our spirits team, led by DouglasMcIvor, they represent the standard-bearers of style and quality from four classic spirits producing regions.

The Selected By Berrys' range comprises two blended Malts from Speyside and Islay, the most popular regions of Scotland, an XO Cognac and a golden Caribbean Rum. Each selection is endorsed personally by Simon Berry and is the perfect introduction to the world of Berrys' spirits.

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