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White horse



Location : Port Dundas, Glasgow, Scotland.
Region : ?
Country : Scotland
Type : Blended
Distillery :  White Horse Distillers Limited
99 Borron Street, Port Dundas, Glasgow, Scotland.
Founded : in 1861 by James Logan Mackie.
Owner : United Distillers, Glasgow.
Producer : ?
Water : ?
Remark : Fine old Scotch Whisky
Owned by United Distillers ( URL : http://www.united.distillers.co.uk/ ) Glasgow.
From White House Distillers - Glasgow & London.
It's known as a blended scotch whisky - 43% vol.
The Whisky is a smooth and distinctive whisky with peaty elements in both its aroma and flavour. It is the leading standard blend in Japan.

White House Distillers was known until 1924 as Mackie and Co., and was established by a Mr. James Logan Meckie in 1861.
The Compagny became succesfull under its second head Mr. Peter Mackie an entreprenour and the driving force who registered the name 'White Horse' named after a famouse Edinburgh coaching inn for his blend in 1890.

When he died in 1924 his whisky was one of the foremost blends in the entire world.
Tree years later in 1927 the White House Distillers joined the Distillers Company Limitedm with whom Mackie had had difficult relations during his lifetime.

White House also produce brands called Logan and White House Extra Fine de luxe blends for the export market.
- - -
From The Scotch Whisky Book by Mark Skipworth.:

Parent company : Guinnes plc.
Available in all types of U.K outlets.
Its export markets are Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, Africa and South America.

The present day firm was founded by Mr. James Logan Mackie in 1883 in Glasgow but it would seem that the family were also in possession of the famous White House Inn in Canongate, Edinburgh, White Horse Close, which housed the inn, was named after the white palfrey that carried Mary Queen of Scots to and from the nearby Palace of Holyroodhouse.
The name White Horse was not officially registered until 1891. By this time James Mackie's nephew Peter Mackie had succeeded him. He trained at the Lagavulin distillery on Islay which had been run by a partnership of James Logan Mackie and Captain Graham since 1883. It was Peter Mackie who was first to recognize the importance of a standard whisky and a brand name for it. Hence White Horse.
'Restless Peter' built the firm up so that White Horse Distillers Limited was one of what was known as the 'Big Five' in the Scotch whisky world. He was a great fighter tor the cause of maturing whiskies.
It was also White Horse that were the pioneers with screw caps: until then bottles had been corked.
In 1915 Peter Mackie bought the Craigellachie distillery on Speyside, whose product is part of the White Horse recipe.
In 1924 when Peter Mackie died, Mackie and Co. as it had been known since 1890 took its present title of White Horse Distillers Limited, and in 1927 became part of The Distillers Compagny Limited.
Today White Horse products are exported to almost 200 countries.

Mellow, full-bodied, Clean taste. Dark Color.

The name White Horse comes from the white horse that were used to carry Mary Stuart to and from the Holyroodhouse Palace.
From the Whisky pilot by Uniqum Systems :
James Logan Mackie founded the company in Glasgow back in 1883. Peter Mackie, the brother of James, succeeded him and it was Peter that registrated the trademark White Horse in 1891. Peter had received his knowledge at the Lagavulin distillery and it now come handy as he developed the company during the next decades.
He was one of the first to recognise the importance of maintaining a continuos standard of the whisky and also the importance of a strong trademark. He also advocated forcefully for maturing of whisky and White Horse was the first distillery to sport screw caps. In 1915 the company bought Craigellachie distillery, one of the whiskies used in the White Horse blend.
Later the company also bought the Glen Elgin distillery and when Peter died in 1924 he left a company that was one of the five largest in the industry. The same year that Peter died the company changed its name from Mackie and Todd to White Horse Distillers Ltd.
- - -
Peter Mackie has been described as 'one-third genius, one-third megalomaniac and one-third eccentric'. He had trained at the Lagavulin Distillery on Islay, which had been run in part by his uncle. Mackie was responsible for building up White Horse Distillers Ltd., as it became known after his death.
He was the champion of maintaining a high standard for Scotch whisky and was a great fighter for the cause of maturing whiskies.

Glen Elgin Founded 1898, and Lagavulin (pronounced "Lagga-voolin") which means "the hollow where the mill is" contributes whisky to the White Horse blends and the animal decorates the distillery sign.
Lagavulin has been operating since 1816 and in 1890 it was bought by Mackie & Co of Glasgow.

Additional information :
The name "White Horse" comes from an ancient inn in Edinburgh's Canongate frequented it is said by Bonnie Prince
Charlie's men. A white horse has long been a symbol of victory. John(ny) Walker was originally a licensed grocer in Kilmarnock before he, but principally his son, built up the business and the brand name. [rjsm]

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Additional there is another whisky called Very Old Black and White Horses orinal from Chile.


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White horse