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Four Roses (Once call'ed Old Joe's.)
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Four Roses (Once call'ed Old Joe's.)

Location :Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, USA.
Region :Kentucky
Country :USA
Type : ?
Distillery : Four Roses Distillery
USA, Kentucky
1224 Bonds Mill Road, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
Phone: +1 502 839 3436

Four Roses Distillery
1224 Bonds Mill Road,
Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, U.S.A.
Tel: +1-502-839-3436
Fax: +1-502-839-8338
Founded :Established in 1810
Founded 1818 by Joseph Peyton
Owner :Kirin Brewery Co. Ltd. (Earlier Seagram Distillers plc.)
Producer  : ?
Water :?
Remark :

Four Roses (Once call'ed Old Joe's.) :

The Original name of Four Roses distillery was Old Joe Distillery.
The still closed in 1917, to be reopened in 1933 as Old Prentice Distillery
Braeval has a certain Spanishness to it which one sees to a greater degree in tis sister distillery in Kentucky, Four Roses.

From :
Blue Note: A fourth Bluegrass distillery, The Four Roses Distilling Company near Lawrenceburg, gives tours to individuals and small groups by appointment only. The tour gives a "roll-up-your-sleeves" look at the fermentation and distillation processes. (The bourbon is sent to another location for barrelling and aging). Exclusively exported for over 40 years, Four Roses Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is now for sale in Kentucky. The distillery is located in an unusual California Spanish Mission-style building constructed around 1910. Call All Young or Jeanette Pfalzer at (502) 839-3436 to schedule a tour. The distillery stops production in the summer.

Wild Tyrkey - Bottles

Location :USA, Kentucky, Lawrenceburg, Twelve miles south of the state capital Frankfot, close to the Kentucky River.
Region :Kentucky
Country :America
Type : Rye / Straith Rye / Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.
Distillery : Wild Turkey / Austin, Nichols Distilling Company.
1525 Tyrone Rd, Lawrenceburg, KY 40342
Founded :1950's (Austin Nichols was founded in 1855)
Owner :It all started with the firm Austion Nicols, they were owned for a time by Pernod, and then by Heublein, itself subsequently taken over by the British group Grand Metropolitan.
Producer : Austin Nichols Distilling Company / Wild Turkey Distillery
1525 Tyrone Rd, Lawrenceburg, KY 40342
Water :?
Remark :

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Basil Hayden's

Location :Kentucky Clermont
Region :?
Country :USA
Type : Bourbon
Distillery : James B Beam Distilling Co.
Kentucky Clermont
Founded :?
Owner :James B Beam Distilling Co.
Producer : ?
Water :?
Remark :

Basil Hayden's :

Jim Beam 1795 and Established 1794 East USA
The name Beam is derived from the a German by the name of Böhm who emigrated from Germany to Maryland, USA in the 18th century.
Across the road is Jim Beam's American Outpost, which introduces you to the making of fine Kentucky bourbon. You'll see the T. Jeremiah Beam House, listed on the National register of Historic Places, the country's oldest moonshine still, an 1800s cooperage museum, film, and a bourbon warehouse (free, M-Sat 9-4:30, Sun 1-4, 502/543-9877, handicapped accessible).

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Location :?
Region :?
Country :USA
Type : Kentucky Bourbon
Distillery : Buffalo Trace Distillery
Founded :?
Owner :Sazerac Company Inc
Producer  : ?
Water :?
Remark :

Benchmark :

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Location :East USA - Kentucky
Region :East USA
Country :USA
Type : Varies / Bourbon
Distillery : The Barton Distillery
Kentucky Bardstown Kentucky
Founded :1879
Producer  : ?
Water :?
Remark :

Barton :

Barton - The distillery was founded back in 1879 by Tom Moore.
The buildings used today however, was built during the 1940's.
Barton do also make : Gin, Gold rum, Light Rum , long island tea, Triple Sec, vodka etc..

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