Location :Longmorn by Elgin, Morayshire. Grampian Region. (On the east side of the river Lossie)
Country :Scotland
Type : Highland Speyside. (Lossie)
Distillery : (Scottish Malt Distillers Ltd. / DLC.)
Coleburn, Longmorn, Elgin, Morayshire
Owner : United Distillers
Founded :1896 by John Robbertson & Sons Ltd. / Another source says 1987
Water :Spring in the Glen of Rothes
Remark :Temporarily closed in 1985 and Still closed around 1990.
Unlikely to reopen.
They used ex-bourbon casks - There was 2 wash stills and 2 spirit stills.
Acquired by Distillers Company Ltd. in 1930, it is representative of a typical small, two still, late Victorian distillery.
Price(in Danish kr. 70cl. : ?,- )
Age : ? Years Old - only vintage are available if you are lucky
Vol : 40%
Price(in Danish kr. 70cl. : ?,- )

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