Clynelish Scotch Whisky


Location :Brora, Sutherland. Northern Highland Region.
Country :Scotland
Type : Malt - Highland Northern.
Distillery : DCL (The Clynelish Distillery Co.) 
Brora, Sutherland KW9 6LR
Phone 01408-623000
Fax 01408-623004
Manager : Bob Robertson

Producer United Distillers.
Visitor centre : Mar to October , Monday to friday 09.30-16.00 (4pm.) / November to Feb. by appointment only
Phone : 01408-623014
Fax : 01408-623016
(Visitors per year : 12.000)
Owner : United Distillers.
Founded :in 1819 by Duke of Sutherland. (AKA : Brora Distillery) 
in 1967 (Across the road) is Clynelish the present still.

Age : 12 Years Old
Vol : 40%
Water :Clynemilton burn
Remark :In 1925 DCL build a new still near by Clynelish.
The malt is usualy maturing in ex-bourbon casks.
The new distillery Clynelish (Kline-leesh) have 3 wash stills and 3 spirit stills.
They have recieved the Gold Award for safety (ROSPA).
Price(in Danish kr. 70cl. : ?,- )

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